Friday, January 28, 2011

YOTFP - New Ground - Reader's Questions Answered

Hello everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying YOTFP so far and finding it interesting. After reading yesterday's post, fellow blogger Peninkcillin had some questions for me. I decided that they would be better answered in a post rather than in the comments. Here are the burning questions that Peninkcillin had for me with my answers:

1) I'd be interested what you used to remove the paint from the Varsity.

a) I actually used a computer cleaning product by Rite Off which I believe is called tri-clean. Other products that could be used are rubbing alcohol that has a high alcohol content, paint thinner (use a well ventilated room), Bacardi 151. I'm kidding. Really though, I would probably go with a rubbing alcohol because it has other uses, is cheap and is readily available.

2) What method did you use to fill it with ink? I know there are several methods out there.

a)I have several syringes that are perfect for fountain pen refilling. Two are from the pharmacy and have no needle. They are good for filling pen barrels for eyedroppers and larger cartridges. They are also good for cleaning nibs and feeds. My other syringe does have a needle and it is good for tighter cartridges.

3) I assume you ground the nib with the ink inside, is that how you got those streaks on the grinding stone?

a) Yes and yes. I can be a bit impatient.

4) What was your goal in grinding the nib? If I were to grind my Varsity it would be to make it finer. Currently I think the nib is too broad and it puts too much ink to the paper.

a) I wanted a different writing experience. All of my pens have standard nibs and the stub, italic and italic cursive have always intrigued me. It was also about customizing and saying, "I did this. I customized this pen to be what I want it to be. I modified the barrel and nib and filled it with an ink that I love." Boredom, procrastination and curiosity also played a part.

Thanks Peninkcillin for the questions, especially since I probably should have just explained all of that to begin with. I hope that if anyone else has questions you'll let me know. I love sharing what I can. That's what this Unposted thing is all about. Thanks everyone! Nr


Peninkcillin said...

Hey thanks for writing a whole post for me!

I'll probably try removing the paint with rubbing alcohol. I have a bottle with 90% concentration.

So you basically removed the nib and feed. I think that's the same method I'll be using.

Converting that pen into an italic would be sweet indeed.

One thing I noticed about the Varsity is that even though the nib is M, it writes thicker than the Prera M, although both are Pilot. Yeah, the nibs differ but it shows that the manufacturer is not consistent with their own nib sizes. I wish they made a Varsity in F.

Thanks again for answering my questions!

Nrepose said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the post and I hope that it was helpful. It really is simple to remove the nib and feed because they are one piece. Just put a rag of some sort on the tip of the nib, get some needle nose pliers and gentley pull. When you put it back in make sure you hear a good "SNAP". There is a F point Varsity, but it is called a Vpen. Good luck!

Peninkcillin said...

The V Pen duh! Thanks for the tip. It seems that Jetpens are carrying them, or at least used to.

Nrepose said...

It does seem that finding a F point VPen is difficult. I am going to try swapping the nib/feed section between a Petit1 and Varsity. That would give you a fine point. Nr